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Message from the CEO

"The journey of a thousand miles began with a single bus"

Welcome to the most fulfilling, most enriching and most inspiring travel opportunities in Burundi.


Safeways Travel strives to be the premier transport company in Burundi providing taxi, car hire, and car rental services. Safeways Travel also provides school and airport transfers, and exciting countryside tours.


At Safeways Travel, we believe our highest priority is the safe movement of pupils, students, families, friends, and employees who utilize our services. No other objective in our business shall take precedent over the safety, security and comfort of the people and communities served by our company.


When you travel with us, you don’t simply arrive at a destination and look at things; you learn from people with intimate, sometimes with lifelong knowledge of the area, and leave with a new understanding of how life is lived in another part of the world. Inspiring experiences such as these are the greatest reward of travel, one we want to share with everyone who journeys with us.


If you long for the kind of inspiring travel experience that becomes a treasured milestone in your life, travel with Safeways Travel and discover the many ways in which travel with Safeways can inspire.


Our customers deserve high quality in everything we do. They must be serviced professionally, promptly, with courtesy, and with an emphasis on their comfort and needs.


My heartfelt thanks and appreciation go out to our partners, members of the Frequent Travellers Programme (FTP), and ordinary clients. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.


The pride of Burundi commits to offering you top-notch service.


At the service of people, the country, and the Almighty God since 2006!



Evariste Sindayigaya

CEO and Representative

Safeways Travel


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Our Mission Statement

A highly visible, independent and progressive travel company, we are able to offer quality, flexible and professional service in an energetic and fast developing environment. At Safeways Travel, we are committed to the highest level of excellence in service to our partners and clients.

Message from CEO
Our Mission

Our Values

Quality - How to get the services you deserve

Staff do much more than process travel orders. They are there to guide you through the complexities of travel. By offering you the highest quality travel advice, you can be assured of a tailor-made solution built around your exact requirements.


Regular monitoring of travel trends and practices allows us to work closely with you to ensure your individual requests are met.


Safeways Travel will become a valuable extension of your business, serving as your own travel department.

Flexibility - Customized Solutions

We recognize not all businesses are the same. By working closely with you, we can determine the style of service that best suits you.

Cost savings will only occur when you have a flexible business partner who understands your exact requirements and needs. With dedicated and knowledgeable professionals looking after your requirements, you can be sure you are in good hands. We commit to working with you for cost savings from choice, convenience and control.


Inefficient purchases cost! This is where Safeways Travel provides real value for money.

Measurable by the savings achieved through our close guidance and recommendations we make, based on our knowledge of the travel industry.


A strong network of partnerships is important to every business. An enthusiastic team of committed staff delivers outstanding customer service, and works closely with you to achieve common goals


Your reservations and requests attended to quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Values
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